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Boat Hoists BHT – ATS

For launching and dry docking operations.Customized to meet effective needs of Clients. Loading capacities up to 1000 t and more.


Standard Girder

Standard single-girder cranes are designed in A5/M5 as per FEM standards, but can also be supplied in A6/M6 duty group.


Lifting Units

We not only sell and install OMIS cranes to customers, but we also use the kits for gantry cranes OMIS.


Crane Kits

The drum can be accessed from all four sides. Motor and gearbox are simply flanged to the main frame to allow easy maintenance.



For launching and dry docking operations.
Customized to meet effective needs of Clients. Both standard BHT or ATS amphibious versions. Loading capacities up to 1000 t and more.

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Through the equipment manufactured by our represented companies, Lifting Solutions, LLC’s main goal is to offer specific solutions and products with the highest quality and efficiency to the oil and gas industry. These companies are high quality in manufacture and guarantee a prompt service, presuming plenty of experience in this field and being the most competitive in comparison with other manufacturers and distributers in the market.

Lifting Solutions, LLC mission is to find business opportunities in the still untapped oil market. The current lifting and hoisting suppliers do not count with the specific equipment needed by the oil and gas companies, a need that Lifting Solutions, LLC will be able to fulfill using the OMIS gantry crane.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, location of the most oil companies in the world, Lifting Solutions, LLC plans to develop strong business relationships; more than just another industrial parts and equipment supplier, we will be seen as an essential partner.

We will closely work with our clients to meet their lifting equipment needs, with the most competitive prices and the fastest response. By implementing innovative manufacture, distribution and implementation strategies, we will maximize our overall opportunities, offering higher quality products at a lower price.


At Lifting Solutions, LLC, experience means success.

We know our business. Our main company in Venezuela, with a combined experience of owners, executives and managers, counts with more than thirty years in providing efficient and inexpensive solutions to the oil and gas industry. We specialize in lifting equipment, industrial equipment for vessel transportation and construction materials, in addition to engineering specialized services.

Our value proposal facilitates change – Our competitive advantage lies in our innovative vision of the industry, which is aimed at improving our client’s operations by providing a high quality product at a lower cost.

We are well positioned to better serve our customers- by operating at the world’s capital industry of gas and oil- Houston, Texas – our clients can benefit from an efficient economy scale that our business model will create.

We have solid business relationships with manufacturers – Our Company has a strong business relationship as the OMIS distributor, a global crane designer and manufacturer and operating since 1967, being one of the largest manufacturers in Europe.


Lifting Solutions, LLC stands on the technical and executive capabilities of its president Pietro Menegaldo, who brings a wealth of experience in the manufacturing, sales and distribution of elevation equipment. We foresee a great opportunity to obtain a high percentage of market presence, with a particular interest in the specific needs of mid-size companies which require high quality gantry cranes and cost efficient solutions currently provided by others.

The subsidiary company, Grating, CA distributes and sales industrial materials to the oil and gas industry, to construction companies and to sale and wholesale galvanized sheets (grating). Gratings are commonly used in industrial and construction environments, for all type floors and platforms. The gratings are made of many materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, stainless steel and galvanized steel.


  • To delivery and install fully functioning cranes to our clients around the world, ensuring a fast and guaranteed service.
  • To employ between fifteen and seventeen employees in our fifth year of operations.
  • To consolidate and expand our business, and to export from US manufactured industrial equipment to construction, oil and gas industries, securing additional contracts in markets abroad.
  • To establish our own assembly and manufacturing facilities in US after our third year of operations.

Standard Cranes

The single girder cranes support up to 10 tons and extend to a maximum of 25 meters. These cranes are equipped with low free space hoists, with a maximum elevation of 13 meters. They have an elevation speed that ranges from 4 to 8 meters per minute.

All movements are controlled through the use of inverters. OMIS is the first company in the crane industry that has used Inverter technology in Italy. This technology enables cranes to produce soft movements, achieving a low maintenance cost in all the electric and mechanical components.

The single girder cranes are designed under the standards FEM, A5/M5. Models under the standard A6/M6 can also be provided.


We not only sell and install OMIS cranes to customers, but we also use the kits for gantry cranes OMIS.  Locally manufacturing bridge girders, we offer immediate and affordable solutions, which give us an efficient response to our customer requests.

A crane kit is a complete set of parts a crane is made of, with the exception of the main girders.

This includes:

  • Bridge girders with gear motors and connecting flanges
  • Lifting Unit (hoist)
  • Electrical power and control system
  • Keypad with push buttons control system
  • Directions for assembling girders lanes and power system.

Pieces can also be purchased separately.

Special cranes

OMIS has a long history in the fabrication of large capacity cranes, which currently adds up to hundreds of installations of 70 ton cranes for diverse industries.
Among the main industries serviced are the steel industry, industrial factories, central energy supplies, forging plants and plastics molding to name a few.

OMIS is very knowledgeable in concepts such as simplicity and modularity which define production standards, utilizing these concepts in the design and creation of this type of cranes. This guarantees a fast and reliably delivery of the final product, with an added value of ease of maintenance.

All of our large capacity cranes are equipped with our own open-ended barrel lifts technology. These hoists are designed and created in our factory by CNC machinery to ensure the precise alignment of all its mechanisms.

Our large capacity cranes can also be manufactured with divided joints so they can be sent in 40 feet open-top containers.

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